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代表取締役社長 宮田真里

Leading English Publishing Company in Japan

Business World Corporation has been the leading company of English-language publications in Japan since 1971. We publish a variety of periodicals, magazines and books in English.

In more than 50 years since our company was founded in 1971, Japan has accepted a very large number of foreigners, transforming some of its cities into international mega-cities. We are proud that our company has been able to provide English-language information on Japan for so many years.

According to the data for fiscal 2019 compiled by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Transport, there were 2.9 million foreigners living in Japan and 31.8 million foreign visitors to Japan. This data has been compiled periodically over the past 50 years this data has always shown an increase, providing a great foreign market now, and in the future.

The English magazine under the title of “Escort Tokyo” was founded in 1974, and our publications have been adopted as the official English-language medium during visits to Japan by world leaders such as HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Charles of England, US presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, and the heads of government of the G7 and G8 member nations.

With the progression of communications and information exchange, the world has become smaller and smaller. Thus relations between nations have gradually grown closer. As a pioneer in the publications of English articles in Japan, we recognize the importance of our role within this generation. Therefore we will work in unison to continue delivering carefully selected articles to send out to the world.

代表取締役社長 宮田真里

Company Profile

Company Profile
Firm Name Business World Corporation

Address 4-1-10-1102, Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023

TEL: 0+81-3-5350-8851

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(株)ビジネスワールド社 Business World Corporation,caption=BWC is on the eleventh floor of the building on the corner of Shinjuku Central Park with panorama view of Tokyo Metropolitan Office and Nishi-shinjuku. Just in front of Kumano Jinja Shrine crossing on the first floor you will find a coffee shop called Brazil and the main entrance is on the second floor. Please dial 1102 and press "call" button.

BWC History

  • 1971 Feb
    Establishment of Business World Corporation as a private enterprise to engage in the publishing and advertising business, headed by Yasuhiro Miyata, President.
  • 1974 May
    Foundation of a monthly English guide map for foreigners, "ESCORT TOKYO".
  • 1974 Nov
    Our monthly English guide map "ESCORT TOKYO" was used as an official guide map on the occasion of former U.S. President Ford's visit to Japan. In this connection, the company was awarded a letter of appreciation by the U.S. Embassy for promoting friendly relations between Japan and the U.S. Since then, "ESCORT TOKYO" has been used as an official guide map on the occasion of visits to Japan by VIP's from all over the world including Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom, President Suharto of the Republic of Indonesia, and former U.S. President Carter, for which a letter of appreciation was presented to Business World by the respective Embassies.
  • 1976 Oct
    Foundation of a monthly entertainment news publication "ESCORT TODAY", and inauguration of its distribution at major hotels throughout Japan.
  • 1979 Jun
    "ESCORT TOKYO" was used as the official map on the occasion of the Tokyo Summit, thus securing its position as the top-ranking English guide map of Japan.
  • 1979 Oct
    At the request of the U.S. Embassy in Japan, translation and layout activities of "Marketplace America", a magazine concerning the promotion of U.S. industries in Japan were initiated.
  • 1982 Nov
    Increased regular capital to 20 million yen.
  • 1982 Nov
    Started hiring foreign staff and established an International Division.
  • 1985 Jun
    Moved from Jingumae, Shibuya-ku to Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku.
  • 1986 Apr
    "ESCORT TOKYO" was appointed again as an official guide map for the Tokyo Summit by the U.S.A., U.K., Germany and Canada.
  • 1989 May
    The first issue of "THE NIPPON VIEW" was published for foreign residents in Japan.
  • 1990 Jul
    Due to the expansion of business, moved premises from Minami-Aoyama to Shiroganedai, Minato-ku.
  • 1991 May
    "JIJ/JAPAN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL" which was the only comprehensive general monthly magazine published in Japan, was founded.
  • 1992 May
    Changed the title of "ESCORT TOKYO" to "TOKYO DAY & NIGHT".
  • 1992 Jun
    "WINING & DINING IN TOKYO", a twice-yearly periodical, was founded.
  • 1995 Mar
    "THE NIPPON VIEW SUPPLEMENT" was added to the bookstore edition of "THE NIPPON VIEW". The contents of N.V. was expanded considerably.
  • 1996 May
    In order to cover more topics and information, and to reach a larger audience, a bookstore edition of "TOKYO DAY & NIGHT" was launched.
  • 1999 Jul
    In order to reach an even larger audience and provide the ultimate comprehensive lifestyle guide in Japan, "TOKYO DAY & NIGHT" and "THE NIPPON VIEW" were revised and reborn under the title of "J SELECT - JAPAN SELECT ® MAGAZINE".
  • 2005 Feb
    Published "SUPER-MINI TRAVEL ENGLISH" for Japanese readers.
  • 2005 May
    Online version of English restaurant guide "WINING & DINING in Tokyo" was launched.
  • 2006 Dec
    Mari Miyata promoted to the president.
  • 2008 Jul
    “J SELECT Magazine” and "WINING & DINING in Tokyo" was distributed to the press at Toyako G8 Summit in Hokkaido.
  • 2009 Nov
    “J SELECT Magazine” became an English-Japanese bilingual magazine. We started selling our publications in digital magazine format. (Fujisan Magazine Service, Zasshi-Online.com)
  • 2009 Dec
    English-Japanese restaurant search website "Japan Restaurant.net" was launched.
  • 2010 Mar
    “J SELECT Magazine” obtained the magazine code. We started selling our publications through Amazon.
  • 2010 Jul
    We started selling our publications through purchasing from your PC. (iPad, iPhone)
  • 2010 Oct
    We started a Facebook fan page to provide restaurant information and fair/event news in English and Japanese on an ongoing basis.
  • 2011 Mar
    We suspended the publishing of J SELECT Magazine and moved to Shinjuku-ku, Nishi-shinjuku after re-organizing our infrastructure.
  • 2011 Apr
    We started a Twitter account to provide restaurant information and fair/event news in English and Japanese.
  • 2014 May
    "Japan Restaurant.net" become "Mobile Friendly" with a responsive design.
  • 2017 Aug
    We started Instagram account. PR video production business started.
  • 2018 Jul
    Renewal restaurant search website "JapanRestaurant.net" has launched. YouTube channel started.


Business World Corporation donates to charities and non-profit organizations around the world.
    UNICEF works in 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, defend their rights, and help them fulfil their potential, from early childhood through adolescence. Business World Corporation is a long-term monthly support member for UNICEFF, and we have received several awards as a high-rate donor.
  • Japan Red Cross Society
    The Society is a special corporation established under the Japanese Red Cross Law of 1952. We received awards several times as a high-rate donor.
  • World Vision
    Sponsor a child through World Vision and change a child's life and community for good. Learn more about us, find ways to give, and get involved. We are sponsoring a girl living in 
Bangladesh, and supporting development of Birol district.
  • Akai Hane Community Chest -Tokyo Community Chest-
    We have been long-term donors to the Akai Hane Community.
  • Japan Braille Libraly
    Japan Braille Library produces and rents Braille books and audio books, and sells Braille books for visually impaired people. We support the spread of Braille books and audio books.
  • Tokyo Hikari no Ie
    Hikari no Ie are welfare facilities for the blind.
  • RIJ
    RIJ is an independent non-profit organization that funds projects for people displaced by conflict around the world. Corporation increases social awareness by providing visibility through the use of our publications.


  • 3rd November 2020: President's interview on Only One Channel (First Half)

    BWC's President Mari Miyata, appeared on the business Youtube Chanel "Only One Chanel." In this first half on business executives navigating the difficult pandemic, she talks about her past and future as president of the company, as well as three major moments that defined her career.

  • 4th November 2020: President's interview on Only One Channel (Second Half)

    BWC's President Mari Miyata, appeared on the business Youtube Chanel "Only One Chanel." In this second half of the interview she talks freely about travel, how to make friends abroad, and her personal motto, in a journey of her life, from past to present and beyond.

  • 8th September 2020: Appearance on Biz9 interview

    BWC‘s President, Mari Miyata, appeared on the business YouTube channel “Biz9”. As a pioneer of Japan’s English-language print and web media, she will talk about “Tips for Marketing to Foreign Consumers.” 

  • 14th August 2018: Appearance on Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi TV”

    Mala is the combination of the two characters for “Numbing” (Ma) and “Spicy” (La) a unique taste originating from Szechuan, China. The ‘Ma’ (Numbing) part is also referred to as ‘Szechuan Peppers’. Those who enjoy the taste use the term ‘Ma-katsu’. Showing the best of ‘Ma-katsu’ our company representative appeared on Mezamashi TV.

  • March 2015: Interview of Mari Miyata in Sushi Magazine

    Interview of Mari Miyata in Sushi Magazine
  • September 2013: company representative on Tokyo President TV.
    company representative on Tokyo President TV.
  • June 2013: Mari Miyata on Josei Jishin

    Mari Miyata on Josei Jishin
  • April 2008: company representative on Nikkei Business Online
    Nikkei Business Online

  • March 2008: Mari Miyata on Weekly Women (Shukan Josei)

    Cool Japanese Restaurants

    Mari Miyata on Weekly Women (Shukan Josei)
  • March 2007: Mari Miyata in Frau

    Mari Miyata in Frau
  • March 2007: Mari Miyata in PHP Carat

    Mari Miyata in PHP Carat