BWC publications have been adopted as the official English-language medium during visits to Japan by world leaders such as HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Charles of England, US presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, and the heads of government of the G7 member nations.



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WINING & DINING in Tokyo is the only English-language restaurant magazine that has been published twice a year since 1992.

WINING & DINING in Tokyo has three indexes, by cuisine, by area and by the name of the restaurants, making it very easy to look for restaurants that suit your needs.

In the restaurant pages, there are photos of the restaurant, the concept of the restaurant, recommended dishes, course menus, prices, availability of private rooms and opening hours. At the end of the book, there are maps showing restaurant locations.

WINING & DINING in Tokyo is the only restaurant magazine fully loaded with useful information.

Containing beautiful color photographs and helpful cross-referenced maps, the publication has successfully managed to keep readers abreast of Tokyo’s ever-changing culinary landscape.

WINING & DINING Digital Magazine

The digital version of ‘WINING & DINING in TOKYO’ was released in 2009 to reach a wider audience. Cutting out the printing and distribution costs, subscription to the digital version is available at half the cost of the paper version. It offers quick and easy access on phones and computers and is available for download in 170 countries and currencies.


The English-Japanese restaurant search website JapanRestaurant.net was launched in May 2005 as the first English restaurant website in Japan. There are other English restaurant search websites, but JapanRestaurant.net offers unique features that do not exist elsewhere. Searches can be conducted in both English and Japanese, so it’s easy to share information with a colleague in their native language.

Simple Search
From the top page of Japan
Restaurant.net, you can search the restaurants by genre of cuisine, area, price, or specific keywords.

Purpose of Dining Search

You can search for the type of restaurant that will fit your purpose, such as for business, family, couple, friends, group, or large group.

Optional Search

You can also research restaurants with specific facilities such as private rooms, non-smoking seats, open terraces, children’s menus, party menus, all-you-can eat plans, all-you-can drink plans, birthday privileges and whether pets are welcome.

J select.net
J select.net

J SELECT Magazine (Japan Select®) is an English-Japanese web-magazine for foreign residents in Japan, foreign visitors and internationally minded Japanese. We feature articles on dining, culture, travel, as well as interviews and more.

Each point of the five-pointed star of our J SELECT logo corresponds to the five major continents of the world. The purpose of this magazine is to showcase the best information from Japan to the world.