News Release

  • 2009.10.14
    J SELECT Magazine relaunched as an English – Japanese billingual magazine.

    J SELECT Magazine is the flagship media of Business World Corporation and has been the premier source of information for foreigners since the company was founded in 1974. It is an English magazine that represents Japan and has been recognized as an official magazine for VIPs from around the world who visit Japan, and also at the G8 summit.

    From the November 2009 issue, J SELECT Magazine increased its pages by 20% and relaunched as an English - Japanese billingual magazine. A quarter of the editorial pages are translated into Japanese.There are other bilingual magazines which have articles written by Japanese and then translated into English. However, J SELECT Magazine is the only English-Japanese bilingual magazine in which all the English articles are first written by foreign journalists living in Japan, and then translated into Japanese. To promote this change, a big marketing campaign was launched in bookstores around the country and in other media.

    Due to becoming bilingual, we are now able to distribute J SELECT Magazine to more Japanese bookstores, and we continue striving to keep our readers updated with new information regarding life in Japan, as we have done for over 35 years.