News Release

  • 2010.02.03
    J SELECT Magazine obtained a Magazine Code!

    J SELECT Magazine, an English-Japanese bilingual magazine which Business World Corporation publishes every month, finally obtained a magazine code (zasshi code) which will feature at the back of the magazine from the March 2010 issue.

    A magazine code is very difficult to obtain in Japan, even if the magazine is entirely in Japanese. A magazine code is only issued to magazines which reach certain distribution and sales numbers. If the magazine does not have a magazine code, the distribution numbers are calculated according to the number of orders the distributor gets from book stores. However, after the publisher obtains a magazine code, the distributor can decide the number of distributions and the number of book stores in which the magazine is sold.

    Moreover, the magazine code makes it easier for the publisher and distributor to reach more book stores, including those which don't have an English magazine section.

    By obtaining a magazine code, we expect J SELECT Magazine to reach more internationally-focused Japanese readers.

    J SELECT Magazine is always striving to move forward! Don't miss us on your next visit to the local book store!

    Thank you.